Information sessions

Learn about the different mindfulness activities: MBSR, MBCT or more specific cycles like mindful eating, mindful teen etc.


formation à la pleine conscience - mindfulness training

Get general information about the benefits of mindfulness meditation or more specific issues.

Share views on the effects of meditation in different walks of life with the participation of an expert.

Thematic conferences

Attend thematic conferences with the central theme of meditation associated with other worlds: meditation at school, hospitals etc.

Open days

These are discovery days. You will  take part in 3 or 4 thematic workshops over 1 day: mindful creativity, movement, eating, compassion, communication, family, leadership …

Some days will feature workshops specific to the corporate world while others will focus on individuals.

You will discover in a very practical and concrete way, the benefits of mindfulness and have an easy discussion with expert to whom you can ask any questions you like.

Conferences also take place in the evening.

la pleine conscience en entreprise - mindfulness in business


organisation créative - creative organization

Thematic workshops for the public and for professionals,  last from two hours to several days. They provide the opportunity to discover mindfulness in a very concrete way and from an unusual angle: mindfulness for caregivers, mindfulness is happiness,  experiencing our emotions better …

Serenity Bar - centre de méditation
make meditation easy


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