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SerenityBar :
Unplug, Focus & Relax.

Welcome to our cozy place in the European district

In an extremely busy life where we are constantly more reactive, we need to unplug, refocus and take a step back.

SerenityBar wishes to offer everyone the opportunity to grant themselves a mindful moment to relax and reconnect with oneself in a cozy and warm place in the heart of Schuman district.

To be effective, only a few minutes in a day of mindfulness meditation practice are enough. Only regularity is needed.

However, we all know that it is complicated in our already very frenetic days to have to take this time in a chosen and welcoming space.

That’s why we offer you such a place at SerenityBar with nourishing activities like :

  • Guided meditations (AfterWork, training, retreat, initiation…)
  • Free meditations (Unplug tea Time)
  • Yoga courses
  • Tai Chi

These activities are always taught with the same philosophy: “importance of the journey not the destination”, Cultivation of the inner peace, presence and high quality.

Find your inner peace. Welcome to SerenityBar!

Serenity Bar - centre de méditation

Come and relax

by Institut Mindfulness

Rue Général Leman 145 - 1040 Etterbeek, Belgique
02 / 447 3 447
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