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The Serenity Bar wants to offer everyone the opportunity to grand themselves a mindful moment to relax and reconnect with oneself in a cosy and warm place in the heart of Schuman district.

Introduce the practice of Mindfulness into your daily life. Take a short guided meditation break and benefit from the help of a certified instructor at lunch time …

Musical journey
& meditation

38€ / session - 2h

Meditation / Marjan Abadie
& Music / G.Spencer

An afternoon of well-being around meditation and music in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

MEDITATION with the soft and relaxing sound of instruments such as Didgeridoo and Handpan and many others played live
Meditation brings you this inner space by inviting you to be more in the present moment. Practice increasingly popular in our lives overbooked, it has considerable benefits on our well-being.

The sound massage with singing bowls has been used since ancient times in India and especially in the Himalayas to heal. The sacred writings of India claim that men were created from vibrations / sounds.


8 sessions

January 18 (1st session)

These cycles that take place over 8 weeks and consist of weekly sessions lasting 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes.

The goal: to improve the quality of your life and to fully live in the present moment. Learn the basics of mindfulness through regular practice to, manage stress and emotions, cope with depression, burn out, anxiety, pain or impulsiveness.


45€ / session


Learn the basics of mindfulness through regular practice to tame stress, manage emotions, depression, anxiety, pain or addiction …

* to book using your “10 sessions” pass follow the help file

All Activities

We created the SerenityBar to provide a serene setting for Mindfulness practice, supported by certified teachers.

You will not only find the “classic” eight-week cycles, but also the opportunity to recharge your batteries with a short half hour or hour-long break.

You can also discover and deepen different aspects of mindfulness meditation: Mindful Eating, Mindful Teen, Mindful Work …

Finally, we regularly organize a variety of events. The goal is to actively examine with you the many aspects of mindfulness practice so we can continue to develop and better share it.

With the extremely busy lives we lead, constantly in reaction and competition mode, we need to take time to step back and refocus.

Mindfulness meditation allows you to fully experience the present moment. You quickly feel the effects of it in your daily life. You manage your stress better and your quality of life improves.

You are calmer, more focused, creative, more attentive to yourself and others … In the workplace, Mindfulness allows you to reconcile well-being with efficiency for you and your coleagues.

Regular mindfulness meditation practice helps you to maintain these effects. This is why the SerenityBar offers daily individual or group meditations at different times.

by Institut Mindfulness
Rue Général Leman 145 - 1040 Etterbeek, Belgique
02 / 447 3 447

Mindfulness works on many levels.

  • Taming stress and anxiety, mental ruminations
  • To soothe the mind
  • Alleviate impulsive reactions, agitation
  • Regulate negative emotions (aggression, anger, flight, frustration, etc.)
  • Fight against insomnia
  • Decrease eating disorders
  • To soothe chronic pain, allergic diseases
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Recover faster (especially for athletes)
  • Improve your attention, concentration and memory skills
  • Boost your creativity
  • Strengthen your personal efficiency
  • Accelerate your ability to understand
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