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Mindful essentials

The Basics of Mindfulness Practice

MBCT & MBSR cycles

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) or Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). These programs were set up by Drs J. Kabat-Zin, Mr M. Williams, J. Teasdalet Z. Seagal.

These cycles that take place over 8 weeks and consist of weekly sessions lasting 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes.

The goal: to improve the quality of your life and to fully live in the present moment. Learn the basics of mindfulness through regular practice to, manage stress and emotions, cope with depression, burn out, anxiety, pain or impulsiveness.

Improve the quality of your life and to fully live in the present moment. Learn the basics of mindfulness through regular practice.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating: Rediscover the pleasure of food. Explore tastes and textures, our relationship to food and our emotions without the weight of our judgment.

To become aware of what we eat, where, when and how?

Break with our reflexes.

Reconnect to our feelings.

Also, to put an end to dieting.

Mindful Teen & Youth

Mindful Teen: Practice mindfulness with teenagers to get them out of an ‘ultra-connected’ everyday life. Better manage their emotions and their impulsive reactions.

Take a moment away from performance or judgment. Develop the ability to persevere and be more focused and creative.

Children in the most difficulty, and who are stressed and distracted, are those who adhere most quickly to mindfulness.

mindful essentiel

Mindful Initiation

The initiation session is a perfect open door in order to discover the Mindfulness’ field and its benefits on our daily life.

This session is the first step for people who would like to start a Mindfulness traineeship program.

Mindfulness is  “Awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally”

 (Kabat-Zinn, 2003)

Mindful break

Take a short meditation break guided by an instructor

Walk-in meditation Meditation by your own EN/FR

Add meditation into everyday life at your chosen time, in this serene and peaceful place.

Meditate at your own pace without an instructor, with your favorite App or by following one of our recommendations.

This type of practice allows you to take full advantage of the present moment.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1pm to 6pm
Session 7€/free access with a pass

Make mindfulness a daily practice. Take a short meditation break at lunch time or at any time of your choice.

After Work meditation Guided Meditation EN/FR

Take a time after your busy day, to integrate the practice of meditation in your daily life.

Come to the Serenity Bar, serene and peaceful place and benefit from the contributions of a certified instructor.

45 min of meditation + 15 min of Q/A at the beginning or at the end

Mindfulness Break

Mindful family

Mindful family: Discover and practice mindfulness with your family.

It is about developing well-being and benevolence within the family.

This type of meditation influences mood, attention, hyperactivity and aggression for the better.

You leave with an exercise pack to practice at home.

From age 8 up.

Mindful workplace

Develop well-being at every level of the company and organization

Mindful leadership

Enable leaders and managers to make strategic decisions in a calm and insightful manner, open to all possible solutions.
As a result, employees are calmer and more motivated.

Mindfulness is a medium that allows you to find new resources in yourself

Mindful creativity

Become “conscious creatives”, professionals able to access innovative and relevant ideas through mindfulness.

mindfuless workplace

La Mindfulness en Entreprise

Develop well-being at every level of the company and organization: managers, HR, all teams.

Discover the benefits of mindfulness as part of your job. Achieving a balance between well-being and efficiency.

For everyone in the company, mindfulness is a medium that allows you to find new resources in yourself; to promote individual growth and development, to stimulate cooperation and creativity, to develop team spirit.

It is also about better stress management , reducing burn out numbers, coping with the psychosocial risks.

We offer specific programs, tailored to everyone working in the company, including management teams.

Intensive practice day

Only regular Mindfulness practice can ensure maintaining its benefits …

better stress management , coping with emotions, living in the present moment, observation of compulsive thinking and negative thoughts.

Intensive practice days, whether silent or not, make it possible to work in groups to maintain and review certain mindfulness practices.

These sessions are for people who have already completed the eight-week MBSR, Mindful Eating or MBCT meditation cycle, or those who practice alone but want to enjoy the benefits of group practice.

Journée Mindfulness practice

Limited number of participants per session. Prior booking guarantees a place, even if we always do our best to include non-registered newcomers.

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